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The focus of this course is on Tolerance.
These classes are designed to explore and illustrate how groups influence their members to behave towards others - either with tolerance, respect, sympathy and acceptance or with prejudice, judgement, antipathy and rejection. Throughout our history, group hatreds of all kinds have beset people all around the world. Today, however, the need to understand and grow emotionally beyond these hatreds is now more urgent than ever. Modern technology has advanced to a level that could bring world-wide disasters if it were misused.

Individuals make up groups, but the people can be influenced by the group's character. The natural purpose of a group is to enhance the lives of the individuals who comprise it, but groups can also hurt their members.
So what influences a group?

Understanding precedes every solution. Can we understand our situation better? We can start by examining some of the abstract concepts that surround this issue.

The course starts as a discussion of the psychological elements involved in Tolerance.
We can discuss when, how and why individuals and groups tolerate others and the issues that arise when we fail to work for tolerance. We will try to recognize and more clearly understand what happens when people act as groups.

The course then will include an exercise in Tolerance.
After a period of free discussion the class will incorporate an exercise which should provide new perspectives and change the ensuing discussion. To do this, we will change the composition of the groups by adding new members. This will require that the individuals exercise tolerance in order to accept the new members to the group.
This won't be simple, but it will be worthwhile.


Participants will be divided into two separate discussion groups and an audience.

The two small discussion groups will have up to 14 people in each group seated around a table. The two groups will be comprised of people of all ages, as wide a range of ages as possible, from teenagers on up. The people in each group will work together to examine the issues. Suggested materials relevant to the topics will be available on the tables and on the web. The discussions will be recorded for the documentary.

The larger audience will be able to freely visit both discussion groups separately to observe and listen to them.

At a certain point, we will transfer two people from each group to the other group. We will also add two people from the audience to each group. Together we can observe how this changes the group's dynamics. We can then open a general discussion, including the audience.

For Schools

These workshops will serve as the source material for a series of documentary videos for schools. Schools will be able to purchase copies of the documentaries when they are produced. Let us know your interest and we will contact you when documentaries are ready.

You can also have this workshop implemented live for your school and community. This workshop can be available to your middle and high school with adult participants from your own community and your actual students.


Altissima Groupings works with K-12 Schools.
This workshop is derived from our work with groups.

Altissima Groupings groups students into compatible classes. Our grouping system can help your school become a more harmonious community. It can: help reduce friction between students and between students and teachers; improve attendance, academic focus and graduation rates; and reduce teacher stress and burnout.

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