Solutions: Population

Population planning is necessary if we do not want to experience the natural yet extreme and dysfunctional solutions to an overloaded population as outlined in Issues: Population. China has implemented a program of one child per family by policy. This policy has helped to raise China out of poverty and misery. On the other hand, since World War II, Western Europe has had a low birthrate without a stated policy. To solve the population crisis, we actually need only encourage a culture of small well-networked extended families. Draconian measures are not necessary, just a cultural adaptation to the realities of the modern world - Since children do not die anymore from childhood diseases, there is no room for 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 children per family. The obstacles are largely "politico-religious". These cultural influences need to be modified. The best solution is Education about the issues and solutions: childhood death rates, population growth areas, family planning & legalization of contraception.