Solutions: Local Policy

Ordinary citizens have opportunities to influence local government. Ordinary citizens can influence local governmental decisions. It takes lengthy discussions and heavy petitions and connections with local businesses. Local decisions are illustrated by county libraries, county schools, educational and social programs for youth and seniors, and of course animal and wildlife protection programs.

Successful efforts to shape local policy can be shown in communities that have banned monopolistic businesses such as WalMart and nuclear and toxic waste dump sites, and in communities that have adopted healthy practices such as recycling, community composting and no-kill animal shelters. Here in Florida there are many local policies to help preserve turtles, manatees, panthers and the Everglades.

Greensburg, Kansas is one example of a community that is making sweeping changes after a devastating tornado. This community is setting an example for healthy environmental practices. Together, they have decided to become a "Green City". When one community successfully makes changes, other communities take notice and the changes are magnified and propagated to larger populations.
Change is possible, and it is up to us!

"If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst." Thomas Hardy