Solutions: Food

Food sustains every living thing in the world. One scientist has observed that all living things literally "eat their way through the world".

Our choices of food continually affect our environment:
Pressing for government policy in favor of healthy food can add political impetus to the efforts to clean up the polluting industries, such as coal burning power plants which emit mercury into the atmosphere and poison the fish. Cleaning up coal burning plants will also keep greenhouse gases out of the air.

Eat Organic Food We can buy organically grown food and refuse to purchase food grown with poisonous pesticides. Organic food preserves the fertility of the soil and eliminates the harmful impact of chemical fertilizers.

Buy Local Food When we buy locally grown food, we dramatically reduce the amount of fuel and energy required to transport it from the farms to our homes. Locally grown food is also fresher and riper than food grown far away.

Eat a Mostly Vegetarian Diet We can help heal and support the environment by choosing most of our foods low on the food chain. This means a diet consisting mostly of plants - grains, vegetables and fruits. The amount of land required to grow our food differs depends upon the type of food we purchase. Foods from animals typically require over ten times the resources that foods from plants require. Meat is very inefficient and wasteful food.

"The solutions to hunger and climate change begin at the end of your fork." (Small Planet)