Solutions: Energy

The current methods of energy generation are burning of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. Nuclear Fusion is experimental, and will probably always be expensive and complicated. This is another method which requires a large organization to run. Fusion would be tomorrows version of nuclear power plants. It might not be such a good idea. These need to be replaced with more sustainable methods. There are many solutions for the question of sustainable energy. Here are the most accessible ones:

GeoThermal Energy

In northern latitudes in the winter, cellars remain above freezing, while in the summer cellars are cooler than the surrounding air. This simple fact is the basis for geo-thermal energy utilization and power generation. The difference in temperature can be used to make electricity, and to warm homes in winter and cool homes in summer, reducing demands for electrical power.

Solar Water Heating

This technique has been used successfully for decades in Israel and around the Mediterranean. Home construction regulations in Israel require solar water heating installation. Water is heated by the sun, reducing demands for electrical power. This is a very simple, yet very effective way to reduce demands for electrical power.

Solar Electricity Generation

Solar panels are improving each year, producing more electricity with lower levels of sunlight. Each home could have solar panels on the roof, producing electricity and contributing to the grid. This lowers the electric bill dramatically.

Ocean Wave Electricity Generation

Vote for installation of ocean wave generation. Florida is a peninsula with plenty of excess energy all around us.

Windmill Electricity Generation

An electric windmill generates electricity, contributing it to the grid. This reduces the demand on the utility. This has the potential to produce electricity for an entire community. Even though sometimes the wind is still, one electric windmill can produce enough electricity to power hundreds of homes.

Home Improvements

Install a solar water heater on your roof!
Install solar panels on your roof!
Install a windmill to generate electricity!

Together with electrically powered transportation, solar panels, electrical windmills and solar water heating are the easiest, simplest ways to prevent global warming. Below in the Links are several suppliers of electric windmills for homes and businesses.