Solutions: Economy

There is only a certain amount of air and water and minerals on the earth. The amounts are finite and known. Economic growth and wealth is an illusion. Only a few can be wealthy while others must bear the responsibility.

Money is actually a system of symbolic exchange tokens. That's it. Our society has gotten to a point of gambling where some people consider it a game to see who can get richest. The soul-grinding poverty of many other people does not touch the super rich. In an interview on television, a new 'super-rich entrepreneur' said "It's a way of keeping score."

For those in need, of course, it's not a game. A healthy family does not charge members for breakfast or allow some members to drop out onto the street. Some people are natural leaders and organizers. Others are artists. Everyone appreciates pretty things. Many people appreciate beautiful concepts. Scientists don't have time to concentrate on marketing, but without people who seek knowledge, we would all still be fighting off tigers and wolves.

Kibbutz style socialism, smaller more autonomous commmunities, and transparent economics will help. All these concepts are in the works. The computer industry has spawned the concept of Open Source software. This is carrying over into patent and copyright law. There are efforts to create transparent economies.

Nature always has ceilings and floors. Everything has limits. Our economies must follow these fundamental natural guidelines.

The image of Florida at the top right suggests a set of solutions for local self-sufficient level of production of energy, water and improved farming.

"We make the rules of the economy - and we have the power to change those rules." Robert Reich

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead