Issues: Wildlife

There is a rushing increase in loss of species.
Sharks, frogs and corals are in desparate straits.
Polar bears are in danger because of the ice melting.

On the other hand, without predators, there has been a worldwide increase in the jellyfish population. Many people are stung to death each year.
Many predatory fish, including Tuna, are affected by the mercury in the water which was burned into the atmosphere by the power utilities which burn coal to generate electricity. The large predatory fish eat the small fish which eat the plankton and plants which absorb the mercury.

The bees have a serious problem. One quarter of bee colonies have died in recent years. Beekeepers and farmers are very alarmed. What is causing the disappearance of so many bees? Beekeeper David Hackenberg believes the culprit is a relatively new type of pesticide called "neonicotinoids," a synthetic chemical based on nicotine. Hackenberg says, "well, basically, the chemical, the manufacturers of this product say it breaks down their immune system, causes memory loss, causes nervous system disorders. It causes the insects to quit feeding."


A newspaper page from Nov 11, 1926