Issues: Speed & Quantity

Speed has accentuated the dangers. Quantity has increased the dangers. Some people speak of a Tipping Point, which is a possible point where such changes would occur that could not be simply reversed. One such way the tipping point event could be triggered is by the melting of the Arctic Tundra, which would release huge amounts of methane from the old compost under the ice.

Methane is a natural greenhouse gas that is 23 times more warming than CO2. There is always a small amount of methane in our atmosphere. It is produced by animals and decomposing plants. If the Tundra melts, a lot more methane may be released all at once, which would dramatically warm our atmosphere in a matter of days and weeks.

Scientists are very alarmed about this possibility. They point to Venus, a hothouse planet which is constantly wracked by high velocity storms. Many species would not be able to adapt. Most people would not be able to survive. The people who could survive in the polar regions would likely be returned to the stone age.