Background - The Atmosphere

Our atmosphere is a wonderful layer of gas that enables the oceans to exist and life to breathe on our world. This layer proteccts us from metors and cosmic rays, from the extremes of radiation and the cold of space. It is a blanket and a radiator. The atmosphere produces electrical exchanges in the form of lightning over the surfaces of the Earth.


Ozone is a type of oxygen. It is an electrically charged layer of oxygen ions which have the ability to block much of the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun. The ozone layer is an important natural component of the atmosphere. This protection has made it easier for living things to populate the land. We have evolved in a delicate range of influences and conditions. The UV radiation changes oxygen into ozone at the upper layer of the atmosphere. The Earth also replenishes the Ozone Layer with lightning storms.

Winds & Weather

Our atmosphere gives us our weather. It is the active element in the water cycle. It moves material around the world. It distributes heat throughout the various regions, cooling and warming so that our world enjoys a tolerable range of temperatures.