There are many simple steps to making a happy home for cheetah in Israel.
  1. Preparing agreements with organizations in Israel that will provide the land.
  2. Preparing agreements with the organizations that will care for the animals.
  3. Publicity and promotion of the program.
  4. Contacting academic organizations to organize participation in monitoring and helping to maintain the animals health and protection.
  5. Gathering funds to supply the needs of the organizations that help protect the species from the encroachment of modern civilization.
  6. Acquiring the animals that will live in Israel and increase their numbers.
  7. Transporting the animals to Israel's Negev.
  8. Helping the animals to acclimate to their new surroundings.
  9. Tell the governmental agencies of your support for the program.
  10. Presenting the program in your children's schools.
  11. Educating the local public and children.
  12. Preparing jobs for local people in animal care and environmental tourism, both local and international.