This page may outline the general stages of the project. Each step could be marked as it progresses. Red is active.

  1. Publicity and promotion of the project - cultivating interest in schools and environmental organizations to provide support for the program.
  2. Presenting the support for the project to The Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.
  3. Presenting the support for the project and proposals to Israeli organizations.
  4. Acquiring the animals that will live in Israel and increase their numbers.
  5. Transporting the animals to Israel's Negev.
  6. Ensuring that the animals acclimate to their new surroundings.
  7. Educating the local public and children about the Cheetah.
  8. Inviting the participation of conservation organizations and environmental tourists.
  9. Setting up funds and procedures for maintaining the preserve for The Cheetah In Israel.
  10. Establishing relationships with zoos and conservation organizations for the Israeli cheetah population.
Help this little cheetah get to Israel...