The Problem

The northern half of Africa is dying of thirst.

Every year, more and more of the northern area of the African continent is being deserted. The dead areas expand southward every year. The sandy soil blows away over the Atlantic Ocean. This is seen in satellite photos. The plants wither and the animals shrink away southward from the broiling heat of the encroaching sands in the north. As the plants disappear, the plant eaters, the rhino, buffalo, gazelle, zebra, elephant and giraffe, must leave the area to survive. The lions, cheetah, hyena and wild dogs, the predators, follow the herds. The humans who remain in the areas are living a very meager existence indeed.

There are very few wells and rivers. The water cycle has been seriously disrupted for over two thousand years. The rain clouds cannot move from the seas into the interior because the solar heat reflected by the sandy earth dissipates and drives them away. The mountains therefore do not receive enough moisture laden clouds to develop snow caps which would provide mountain streams that would flow year round.

In fact, the desertification of the northern portion of Africa is a serious threat to all life on the continent which contributes to the degradation of the global climate. This is a global problem for all of us.